An unbeatable value for quality full spectrum oil!

We've now got a new CBD tincture made with our high CBC strains, which gives over 15mg of CBC per ml, which is about double our other tinctures, as well as 60mg per ml. It also has trace amounts of delta-8, 14mg of CBG, as well as other cannabinoids, which makes it a very unique blend. A total of over 100mg of cannabinoids per ml!

We had our flower extracted using CO2 extraction, and bottled it ourselves using MCT oil as our carrier oil. That's why we're able to offer it at a competitive price. 

This is our standard strength, unflavored. While it's our standard, it's still more potent than most. 

All of the hemp used for this tincture was grown with no pesticides and only using organic fertilizer. 

Bottles come with graduated droppers so you can accurately measure each dose. The cap is child proof as well. 


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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - High CBC

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