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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Standard Strength - Mint Flavor
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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Maximum Strength - Mint Flavor
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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Standard Strength
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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Sour Space Candy
Minimalist Horse Shirt - Unisex
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Farm Dog Shirt - Unisex - Basic Colors
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White glossy horse mug
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Minimalist Horse Shirt - No Ground - Unisex - Basic Colors
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White glossy dog mug
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CBD Hemp Flower

What Can CBD Hemp Flower & Oils Do For You?

Eight Horses Hemp's Organic CBD Flower is perfect for both recreational and self-care needs. Consuming CBD Oils to reduce anxiety or inhaling CBD Hemp Flower to aid in mindful thinking are two of many ways our customers love to enjoy our CBD products. Organic CBD Flower has relaxation properties backed by medical research. At Eight Horses Hemp, we do our due diligence to test our CBD and provide a chemical breakdown so our customers can make an informed decision. CBD, like anything else, should be used with care. The open and transparent information we supply about our products allows for that type of informed decision-making. We want you to know everything about our processes and products because the attention and care we give to them speaks volumes. With the quality control and care that only our Indoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower and Outdoor Organic CBD Flower can provide, we here at Eight Horses Hemp are proud to produce the Best CBD the market has to offer.

Frequently Asked CBD Questions

If used responsibly, CBD products are entirely safe. But you don't have to take our word for it. A review published by the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research found that, "In addition to its good safety profile and the lack of psychoactive effects, CBD presents also a wide range of therapeutic effects." Side effects are, of course, always possible with any drug. We recommend speaking to your doctor to confirm that our Top Shelf CBD is safe for you.

There are many different ways to safely consume your CBD products. These methods include things such as CBD oils, CBD flower, and even CBD infused food. For more information on the proper way to consume your CBD products consult our expert team at Eight Horses Hemp.

All of Eight Horses Hemp's Indoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower and Outdoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower follows the restrictions of the state law containing under .3% THC and also providing a full chemical breakdown of all our CBD products on each listing.

Laws surrounding CBD products differ by region. At Eight Horses Hemp, our Outdoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower abides by the agricultural guidelines of our state. While CBD Hemp Flower has been legalized in many parts of the world, check with your locale's laws for confirmation before purchasing.

There currently have been no overdoses related to CBD products, and users should contact an expert to determine the right dosage and amounts for them.

On average, smoking our CBD Hemp Flower or placing a droplet of our liquid CBD products under your tongue can have you feeling the effects after 15 minutes; however, this can be dependent on the individual and method of consumption of the CBD product.