A Quick Strain Guide

Cherry Wine (The Wife x Charlottes Cherries)


Cherry Wine is a hybrid strain that smells reminiscent of its name. Many users report feeling more indica like effects, but it can be different for everyone. Cherry Wine usually has dense, dark green flowers with bright orange pistils and is moderately resinous. Good all day or evening strain.


Matterhorn CBG


CBG tends to bring more sativa like effects for most users, and Matterhorn is no different. Most will feel a very clear headed and uplifting effect after using Matterhorn CBG. The flowers are covered in solid white trichomes and has a citrusy lemon-lime scent profile. All day and morning strain.


Elektra (ACDC x ERB)


Elektra is a nice hybrid cross that gives a variety of effects to different users. Some find it sedating, others uplifting. Elektra has varying phenotypes but the nicest visually is a dark purple with bright green sugar leaves and a smell like grape candy and berries with a hint of pine and sometimes a touch of gas. All day and evening strain.


Hawaiian Haze (DC Haze x ERB)


Hawaiian Haze is a particular strain, because it is a very hybrid cross, yet for many people gives heavy indica like sedative effects. Many vendors claim that Hawaiian Haze has a tropical smell, but often times once dried and cured it has a sweet, piney smell as opposed to any kind of tropical or citrus smells. This strain can often times be very resinous and is a good yielder. Best for night time use, although some find it to be good for daytime use as well.


Lifter (SH50 x ERB)


Lifter is probably the single most popular and common strain of hemp flower currently available. Like it’s name suggests, it’s typically reported to have very uplifting and energetic effects. Typically bright green, some phenotypes are a deep purple. Lifter comes with a distinct sweet and cheesy smell. Good for morning and all day use.


Sour Space Candy (Sour Tsunami x ERB)


Sour Space Candy has the single most unique and identifiable scent profile of any hemp strain currently available. Most people describe the smell as being exactly like Sprite or other lemon lime soda. Sour Space Candy is a hybrid, and is reported to have both uplifting and relaxing effects. All day and evening strain.


Special Sauce (Special Sauce x ERB)


Special Sauce was one of the first commercially available strains on the market, and has become a favorite for many users. The flowers are ample sized and sticky to the touch, and smell of sweet berries and piney, skunky funk. Special Sauce is a hybrid that can be used all day and into the evening.


Suver Haze (Suver #8 x ERB)


Another hybrid, Suver Haze is so special to some people that they swear by it. It comes in a variety of phenotypes and scent profiles, but usually has a funky sweet smell. Suver Haze gives a bit of a cerebral feeling accompanied with some effects in the torso, arms and legs. Can be used all day.


White CBG


The most prolific and popular CBG strain available, White CBG provides extremely clear headed and uplifting effects. Characterized by its incredibly distinct look, the all white trichomes of White CBG give it its name and makes it very visually distinguishable from other hemp strains. White CBG has a unique creamy, citrusy, lemon pastry scent. Great for morning and all day use.


C5 (Cherry Wine x Sour Space Candy)


A cross between Cherry Wine and Sour Space Candy, Cherry 5 is a potent strain with dense flowers. It's indica dominant, so expect relaxation and waves of relief throughout your body. Very potent strain with very prominent effects. C5 has dense, dark flowers that exhibit a funky cherry like smell followed by some pine. Good evening and night time strain.


C4 (Cotton Candy x Shishkaberry)


C4 has fluffy, sticky flowers, that range from purple to bright green. An indica leaning hybrid, C4 has prominent, potent effects that you can feel in your body. C4 has a dank but sweet piney smell. Good evening or night time strain.


Abacus (OG x Purple Urkle x Unknown High CBD Cultivar)


A favorite of connoisseurs, abacus is a indica leaning hybrid with OG genetics which provide some potent body effects. This flower is typically dark purple and covered in trichomes, with some light green sugar leafs. The smell is great to match the looks, with a dank skunky grapey and gassy smell, which is very prominent in some phenotypes. Abacus is a good evening or night time strain.


T1 (Afghan Skunk x The Wife)


T1 is a hybrid strain that carries many qualities of its pure indica parent Afghan Skunk. It has a usual scent profile comprised of a mix of skunky and sweet citrus smells. The flowers are a darker green and covered in sticky trichomes. Most people find this strain good for later in the day and the evening or even before bed.


Cherry Blossom (Berry Blossom? x Unknown)


Cherry Blossom is a hybrid strain with unknown genetics. It’s speculated that one of the parents is Berry Blossom, but there’s no way to know for sure. Cherry Blossom has light green flowers with sometimes pink pistils, and has a light, sweet, piney smell to it. Although it’s a hybrid, some people report it having more sativa like uplifting effects that creep up on you. Good all day strain.


Charlottes Cherries (Charlottes Web x Colorado Cherry)


This strain has two very high profile parents, the famous Charlottes Web from the Stanley Bros in Colorado, and the classic Colorado Cherry. Charlottes Cherries smells kind of like freshly picked cherries with a touch of funk. This is a hybrid strain, with typically hybrid effects reported by many users. Effects start first in the head with a cerebral feeling, then can be felt throughout the body. Good all day strain. Very potent but without a nagging thought changing feeling.